About Us

Some members of REhnu’s team with “fishbone” assemblies for M-8 generators stacked behind them.

REhnu’s mission is to generate electricity in sunny regions at lower cost than by any other approach, including photovoltaic and fossil fuels. REhnu seeks to do this with minimal environmental impact and zero greenhouse gas emission.

To this end, REhnu is commercializing solar energy generation technology developed at the University of Arizona by Dr. Roger Angel, a world leader in giant telescope optical design and manufacturing. In this technology, sunlight is focused by large mirrors and converted into electricity with very high efficiency by small multi-junction solar cells. Patented optics deliver sunlight concentrated 1000X to the cells, evenly divided among the cells for very high overall efficiency. The company currently holds an exclusive license to commercialize this technology, including the mirror manufacturing method and the optics.

REhnu is now manufacturing 800W photovoltaic mirror modules at its Tucson headquarters, each module with a 25 square foot glass mirror and 36 multi-junction cells in a small power converter unit. The modules are sold in dual-axis trackers carrying either two or eight modules. Both REhnu trackers are available with the option of hot water as well as electrical output. In addition to modules and trackers, REhnu supplies concentrating mirrors customized for a variety of solar generation or illumination applications, and provides consulting services.