The Large Binocular Telescope, the world’s largest. Its two 8.4 m mirrors were made at the UA Mirror Lab.

REhnu was founded in 2009. Its principals, from the University of Arizona’s Steward Observatory Mirror Lab, are leveraging decades of world leadership in opto-mechanical design and production of mirrors and mounts for the world’s largest optical telescopes. From the outset, REhnu’s business model has been based on developing solar generators that, when produced in volume, will generate electrical energy at a cost competitive with fossil-fuel generation.

The technology for REhnu’s concentrating photovoltaic generators has been developed through a series of prototypes. These led to REhnu’s standard, production-ready mirror module, now being manufactured for sale in dual-axis trackers.

REhnu has so far raised approximately $2.5M from angel investors, founders, and an A-1 investment round. In addition, REhnu received in 2013 and has now completed a DOE SunShot Incubator grant of $1.0M to develop its mirror module for commercial production. REhnu’s technology was developed as the result of $6.5M in funding to the University of Arizona from the U.S. Department of Energy, Science Foundation Arizona, and Research Corporation Technologies.

Our Name and Logo

REhnu (pronounced “renew”) derives its name from the formula

E=hν or E=hnu

which relates the energy E of a photon to the photon’s frequency, given by the Greek letter ν, or “nu”, and Planck’s constant h. The R preceding E in our name signifies the REnewable nature of energy derived from light.

Our company logo is inspired by Richard Feynman’s iconic diagram of a photon (wavy line) transferring its energy to an electron.