REhnu’s History

REhnu was founded as a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in early 2009 to bring the solar concentrating technology developed at the University of Arizona into production. REhnu holds an exclusive license to commercialize this patent-pending technology.

REhnu incorporated in late 2011, becoming a C Corporation. The Corporation has five board members, with a broad range of technical and business experience. In January 2012, REhnu made significant progress toward commercialization by breaking ground for its first multi-tracker installation. REhnu’s key collaboration is with the UA’s Steward Observatory, where glass molding facilities and the prototype system are located.

Our Name and Logo

REhnu (pronounced “renew”) derives its name from the formula

E=hν or E=hnu

which relates the energy E of a photon to the photon’s frequency, given by the Greek letter ν, or “nu”, and Planck’s constant h. The R preceding E in our name signifies the REnewable nature of energy derived from light.

Our company logo is inspired by Richard Feynman’s iconic diagram of a photon (wavy line) transferring its energy to an electron.