REhnu 2-module generator

M-2 Specifications

REhnu M-2 generator with dual-axis mount. The generator is designed for use on the ground or on the flat roof of a commercial building.

Parameter Specification Notes
Electrical power output 1.6 kW DC Rated at 1 kW/m2 DNI solar insolation
Number of mirror modules 2
Cooling system Active, pumped coolant integral radiator/fan unit
Optional thermal output 2.2kW Heat exchanger, water to 80°C
Tracking mount Dual axis, Alt-az 0-90° elevation, ±120 degrees azimuth
Weight 190 kg Total to ground
Turning circle 4.15 m Minimum center-to-center spacing
Sun tracking accuracy < 0.1 degree rms rms average for winds < 15m/s (33 mph)
Ground foundation 250 mm bolt circle At ground level
Operational wind limit <15 m/sec (33mph) Automatic stow at higher wind speed
Wind survival 44 m/sec, (100mph) Stowed at zenith; 0.8 m high wind-break
Performance Data I-V curves, temps. etc Internet, via customer link