On-grid Performance of REhnu’s 8-Mirror CPV-T Tracker by Thomas Stalcup et al.

Excellent efficiency has been measured for the first REhnu M-8 tracker installed at the Green Valley Pecan Company. The conversion efficiency of the individual mirror receiver units is 32.5% (CSTC, DC). When used for electrical generation alone, the tracker system as a whole delivers an AC electrical output of 6.27 kW to the grid, referenced to a solar flux of 1 kW/m2 DNI and 20°C ambient temperature. The corresponding total grid-connected system efficiency of 29.1% (CSOC) matches the best reported for any CPV system. When used to generate also a thermal output of 9 kW at 64°C, the total efficiency, thermal plus electrical, rose to 77% while the electrical efficiency of the tracker was reduced by only 0.8%.

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