REhnu currently offers trackers using its mirror modules; custom mirrors; and consulting/design services:

  1. REhnu mirror modules use large, back-silvered mirrors to focus sunlight at concentration 1000X on multi-junction cells housed in small (<6.5lbs) power converter units (PCUs). Modules are currently offered in two sizes of dual-axis trackers, M-2 and M-8, producing respectively 1.6kW and 6.4kW of electrical power. Each can simultaneously provide thermal power (e.g., hot water) of 2.2kW and 8.5kW respectively, when desired.
  2. REhnu manufactures custom back-silvered dish mirrors for solar or illumination applications using its patented mirror-shaping technology. Its standard products are made from low-iron float glass 4 mm thick, 1.65 m x 1.65 m square. Other sizes and shapes can be manufactured according to customer needs.
  3. REhnu provides consulting or design for projects related to solar energy or mirror shaping.