REhnu 8-module generator

M-8 Specifications

REhnu’s M-8 unit is intended both for large (utility) scale electricity generation and for smaller scale applications where thermal output may also be useful. For electrical power generation only, the conversion efficiency is currently demonstrated at > 31%, and is expected to reach 40% by 2020, as multi-junction cell efficiency is improved. For combined electrical and thermal output the solar energy conversion efficiency is ~80%.

Parameter Specification Notes
Electrical power output 6.2 kW DC Rated at 1 kW/m2 DNI solar insolation
Number of mirror modules 8
Cooling system Active pumped coolant Integral fan/radiator unit
Optional thermal output 8.5 kW Heat exchanger, water to 80°C
Tracking mount Dual axis, Alt-az 0-90° elevation, ±120 degrees azimuth
Weight 1000 kg Total to ground
Turning circle 8.3m Minimum center-to-center spacing
Sun tracking accuracy <0.1° rms average for winds < 15 m/s (33 mph)
Ground foundation 3-point Screw anchors on 2-m side triangle
Operational wind limit <15 m/sec (33mph) Automatic stow at higher wind speed
Wind survival 44 m/sec, (100mph) Stowed at zenith
Performance data I-V curves, temps. etc. Internet, via customers network