REhnu makes point-focus mirrors from flat sheets of float glass, softened and sagged into an accurate dished mold. The mirrors are supplied with the back surface silvered and painted.
The mirror shown below is a paraboloid 4 mm thick with 1.5 m focal length, and is square, 1.65 m on a side.

Standard REhnu mirror after shaping.

REhnu also makes square, off-axis paraboloids with 2 m focal length, 1.65 m on a side, shaped so a 2×2 array forms an axisymmetric square paraboloidal dish 3.3 m on a side. REhnu also makes custom mirrors to customer specifications.

Computer-controlled mold. Under a contract with SRI International, REhnu has developed a computer-controlled mold that adapts a patented mirror-shaping technology to produce different reflector shapes.

The 1.65 m square mold surface is made up from many insulated hexagonal tiles, each one articulated by a kinematic support and adjustable under computer control. For the current project, the radius of curvature is adjustable from 14 m to 30 m.

The computer-controlled mold system greatly reduces the cost and schedule for the development of new mirror-based products. It is available for custom manufacture of mirrors or reflector panels for other projects.