REhnu’s mirror modules convert sunlight into electricity with twice the efficiency of conventional modules with silicon cells. A mirror module uses a curved mirror to strongly focus sunlight on very small multi-junction cells.



In operation, multiple mirror modules are co-aligned on a lightweight dual-axis tracker and pointed directly at the sun, maximizing total electrical output from sunrise to sunset. Heat is removed from the cells by flowing liquid coolant, providing additional thermal power output.

REhnu’s approach combines the best aspects of today’s two distinct solar technologies, photovoltaic and thermal, in a way that increases electrical output as well as preserving thermal output. This has the advantage that the manufacturing technology and the reliability of both the mirrors and the multi-junction cells are well established. Back-silvered glass mirrors similar to REhnu’s are well proven in solar thermal trough plants, while multi-junction cells of very high reliability are already developed and well proven in spacecraft.