Solar Farm

A 1 GW solar farm located in the sunniest areas of the U.S. Southwest is predicted to yield 2.5 billion kWh/year, enough to power 220,000 homes.

Initial installation of REhnu’s first farm at the University of Arizona Science and Technology Park

A REhnu farm comprises generator units set out in a triangular grid pattern. In the middle of each farm is the assembly facility. Completed units are moved out to the field for installation. Clear passage for installation and reflector cleaning is obtained by turning units parallel to the road. The plant power output will be in the range of 160–200 MW/square mile (the higher value when cell conversion efficiencies improve to 50%).

Annual energy yield

The annual energy yield depends on the annual average direct solar flux at normal incidence. Across much of Arizona and southern California this is 7 kWh/m2/day or more. The “landscape” profile of REhnu’s generator units minimizes self-shadowing to around 10%, despite the farm’s closely packed layout. A 1 GW (1000 MW) farm is projected to cover 5 to 6 square miles and to yield an energy output of 2.5 billion kWh/year, enough electrical energy for 220,000 homes.

Mass production

REhnu’s generator units are designed from the ground up to take full advantage of economies of scale when replicated and installed in very large quantities. The manufacturing strategy and processes are optimal for implementation in large, dedicated factories.